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Noise Survey St Austell

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Noise Survey and Assessment Services in St Austell.

If you are proposing to develop an area near to a noise source (e.g. a new residential development near to an existing road) or are proposing to introduce a new noise source (e.g. industrial or commercial development) near to an existing noise sensitive area, you may need a noise impact assessment.

A noise impact assessment involves a noise survey in a specific area or setting followed by desktop calculation, assessment work (using recognised British Standards) and a report summarising the findings along with recommendations for mitigation measures where necessary. The reports are typically used to inform the client, their design / planning team or a regulatory body (e.g. Environment Agency or local authority environmental health department) as to whether or not the proposal is likely to cause adverse noise impacts to future occupants of the site or to nearby noise-sensitive receptors.

Here are the different types of noise surveys that Parker Acoustics Ltd offers:

  • Environmental noise survey: This type of survey aims to determine if the existing noise at a site is likely to affect future occupants and require mitigation measures. For example, if there's a nearby road or railway line that might cause noise problems for new residents.

  • Baseline noise survey: This type of survey measures the levels of existing noise before the introduction of a new noise source. In a noise impact assessment, the level of noise contribution from a new proposed noise source would be compared against this prevailing (baseline) noise level.

  • Compliance monitoring: This type of survey measures the levels of noise emission from a site, such as industrial or construction sites, and determines compliance with agreed criteria (e.g. noise limits set by the local authority or Environmental Agency prior to scheme approval).


At Parker Acoustics Ltd, we are one of the leading providers of noise survey and assessment services in the St Austell area. We work in sectors such as residential property development, transportation, education, waste management, mineral working areas and industrial / commercial developments.

Our consultants are full members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and use industry-leading sound measurement instrumentation calibrated to full United Kingdom Accreditation Service laboratory standards to ensure accuracy. Our senior consultant team has over 18 years of experience in conducting noise surveys.

Contact us at 01769 579642 or email us at to request a free quote for noise survey and noise impact assessment services in St Austell and the surrounding area.

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