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Noise Survey Cornwall

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Do you need a professional and reliable noise impact assessment in Cornwall? Parker Acoustics Ltd. provides accurate noise surveys and noise impact assessments to clients in Cornwall and throughout the United Kingdom.


Our survey engineers use United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratory calibrated equipment to accurately measure sound levels at a location of concern – whether that’s a parcel of land proposed for development or at an existing property near to a proposed noise new source.


Our noise impact assessments are typically commissioned for projects in the following sectors:


·       Education

·       Waste Management Sites

·       Mineral Working Areas

·       Transportation

·       Commercial and Retail Developments

·       Residential Planning and Developments


Has the local authority requested a noise impact assessment for your premises (existing or proposed) in terms of noise emissions from industrial equipment, machinery operations or on-site vehicle movements? Alternatively, are you looking to build houses or apartments near to a major transportation route such as a motorway or dual carriageway? In either scenario, noise levels would be measured via a survey, the noise impact determined, and appropriate mitigation specified to avoid disturbance and potential complaint.


Our consultants have over 17 years of experience performing noise surveys, providing noise impact assessment reports and offering independent acoustic consultancy services to property developers, business owners, architects, planning consultants and project managers.


Would you like to request a free price quote for our noise impact assessment services in Cornwall? Call us on 01769 579642 or email us at

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