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Noise Survey Okehampton

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Parker Acoustics Ltd is a provider of noise survey and assessment services in Okehampton.

We work in various sectors including residential planning, transportation, education, waste management sites, mineral working areas and commercial / industrial developments.

Our consultancy team can assist you with:

  • Environmental noise surveys - to determine how much existing noise is likely to affect you or your development

  • Background noise surveys – to establish a baseline for a noise impact assessment pertaining to a new noise source you intend to introduce to an area

  • Compliance monitoring – for validation / verification purposes in a commercial / industrial setting


A noise impact assessment typically involves one of the above prior to noise propagation calculation work to establish the potential impact on the development or surrounding properties. This is summarised in a report, suitable for submission to third parties such as planning/permitting consultants or local authorities, along with recommendations for mitigation, where necessary.

Our staffs are well-experienced and are full members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA).

If you need noise survey services in Okehampton, you can contact Parker Acoustics Ltd on 01769 579642 or email them at to request a quote.

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