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Noise Survey Tiverton

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Parker Acoustics Ltd. offers professional noise survey and noise impact assessment services in Tiverton.


The purpose of a noise survey is to measure the level of unwanted sound at a site (e.g. high levels of road traffic noise affecting a proposed residential development) or to determine the prevailing (baseline) noise climate prior to the introduction of a new noise source to an area (such as a new transportation link or commercial / industrial premises). The purpose of a noise impact assessment is to determine whether or not:


  • existing noise at a site is likely to cause adverse effects on future residents; or

  • a new noise source that is introduced to an area is likely to cause adverse effects to existing residents  


A noise survey is usually required as part of the noise impact assessment process. The noise impact assessment determines whether or not mitigation will be required to avoid adverse effects such as annoyance and sleep disturbance.


Some example sectors where our noise survey and noise impact assessment work has been required includes:


·       Transportation

·       Education

·       Waste Management Sites

·       Mineral Working Areas

·       Industrial / Commercial Developments

·       Residential Planning and Development


Parker Acoustics Ltd. is a proud member of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA). Our team serves Tiverton and the surrounding areas and has performed noise surveys throughout the United Kingdom for over 17 years.


All our noise measurement instrumentation is routinely calibrated in a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited laboratory to ensure optimal accuracy.


Call us at 01769 579642 or email us at to schedule a consultation with our team and to receive a free price quote on our services.

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