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Sound Insulation Exeter

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Sound testing determines how much resistance, to the passage of noise, is offered by separating walls and floors of a building. The UK Government requires compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations whenever residential dwellings are newly developed or converted, ensuring that the proper amount of sound insulation has been installed to reduce the level of noise passing through the structure.


Our most frequent clients include residential developers, major house building contractors, architects, and subcontractors who are obligated to ensure their new and converted residential buildings are properly insulated to reduce noise disturbance between neighboring property owners and residents.


Parker Acoustics Ltd. provides professional sound insulation testing services in Exeter and the surrounding areas. The most common schemes we test include:


·       New house builds

·       Multi-storey apartment blocks

·       Houses with multiple occupants

·       Hotels

·       Residential conversions (e.g., division between several dwellings, office to apartment conversions, etc.)


After we finish conducting our sound insulation testing, we will present you with a certified sound insulation report. Then you can submit the report to your local Building Control authorities in Exeter to demonstrate compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.


In the event of a test failure (i.e. the testing finds the sound insulation is insufficient), we can offer you professional guidance to take the appropriate steps to improve the sound insulation to enable compliance.


Parker Acoustics Ltd. is a proud member of the Sound Insulation Testing and Measurement Association. Therefore, you can trust the accuracy and integrity of our sound insulation testing services.


Would you like to contact us for a consultation and price quote regarding our sound insulation testing services in Exeter? Call us at 01769 579642 or email us at to get started.

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