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Noise Survey Bridgwater

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Below are some examples where / when a noise survey or noise impact assessment may be required:


  • You may require an environmental noise survey such if you intend to create a new residential development in proximity to existing noise sources such as roads or railway lines. The subsequent assessment then determines if the extant noise is likely to cause annoyance or sleep disturbance to future occupants of the site. Where excessive noise is present at a site, this is usually mitigated by the use of good acoustic design in terms of site layout, screening and an appropriate configuration of glazing and ventilation

  • You may require a noise impact assessment to determine whether or not a new noise source (e.g. industrial unit or entertainment venue) will create an adverse impact to (possibly resulting in complaints from) existing neighbours; this would typically involve a baseline noise survey to determine the prevailing background and residual noise levels at a location that is likely to be affected by the proposal followed by some propagation calculation work and subsequent reporting

  • You may require routine compliance monitoring at an existing industrial / commercial premises to demonstrate that they are not exceeding their agreed emission limits (e.g. for permit or planning requirements) to the surrounding environment.


Parker Acoustics Ltd. offers professional noise survey and noise impact assessment services that cater for each of the above scenarios in Bridgwater and the surrounding conurbations within Somerset. Where necessary, we can assist with the specification of mitigation solutions to avoid adverse impacts, potential disturbance and complaint.


Our services are suitable for numerous sectors and industries including:


·       Education

·       Transportation

·       Mineral Worksites

·       Waste Management Sites

·       Residential Property Developments

·       Commercial Property Developments


Call us at 01769 579642 or email us at to request a noise survey service and receive a free quote.

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