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Noise Survey Launceston

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Parker Acoustics Ltd provides noise survey and noise impact assessment services in Launceston.


A noise assessment will often require a noise survey within a specific area or setting, this could be in the form of an environmental noise survey (to determine if existing noise at a site will affect future occupants and require mitigation); a baseline noise survey (to measure the levels of prevailing sound prior to the introduction of a new source within the vicinity); or compliance monitoring (to measure the levels of noise emission from a site and determine compliance with agreed criteria e.g. noise limits set by the local authority prior to scheme approval).


We can conduct noise survey and assessments for projects in the following sectors:


·       Entertainment & Leisure

·       Manufacturing

·       Commercial

·       Education

·       Transportation

·       Energy and Utility

·       Waste Management


Our consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and have provided years of dedicated service to our clients in Launceston. We can help you understand the full scope of the noise generated from the activities on (or affecting) your site and how it will affect people within the immediate locality. Once you understand the magnitude of the noise impact, you can follow our recommendations to mitigate / reduce the noise with a view to seeking approval from the Local Authority to proceed with the project once guidelines for noise are satisfied.


Would you like to request a free consultation with our noise consultants in Launceston? You can reach our team at 01769 579642 or email us at

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