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Noise Survey Totnes

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Noise Surveys and Assessments in Totnes

At Parker Acoustics Ltd., we specialize in noise surveys and assessments in Totnes, providing accurate measurements of noise levels within various environments.  Our team can help you determine the level of noise affecting your property or the impact of noise generated by your business to the immediate surrounding area.

We provide noise surveys for a broad range of purposes including residential planning and development, commercial and retail developments, education, transportation, mineral working areas and waste management sites.


Our consultants are full members of the Institute of Acoustics, with over 18 years of experience in various multi-disciplinary and independent acoustic consultancy practices throughout the UK.  Our company uses sound measurement instruments calibrated by a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) laboratory to ensure accuracy.

Our acoustic consultants will work closely with you to understand your project requirements and deliver the best possible service.

If you're interested in our noise survey services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 01769 579642 or email us at for a free price quote.


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