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Noise Survey Taunton

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Do you need an accurate and reliable noise survey in Taunton?


If so, you’ll need to hire a professional acoustic consultancy with plenty of experience measuring and assessing noise for residential, industrial, and commercial developments throughout the UK including Taunton and the surrounding areas in Somerset.


Look no further than Parker Acoustics Ltd and their team of consultants with over 17 years of experience performing noise surveys and noise impact assessments for developments and projects across the UK.


We can handle projects of all shapes and sizes for a variety of sectors including:


·       Leisure and Entertainment

·       Manufacturing

·       Waste Management

·       Residential Planning and Development

·       Transportation

·       Energy and Utilities

·       Education

·       Commercial and Retail


Where an assessment requires a noise survey, we will conduct this using UKAS-calibrated measurement equipment to ensure optimal accuracy.


Once the survey is complete, the assessment will determine whether or not the proposal is likely to result in a low/adverse/significant adverse impact to future residents or existing residents within the vicinity. The survey and assessment findings are presented in a report suitable for submission to third parties such as the local planning authority. Where necessary, recommendations for mitigation (e.g. acoustic barriers, mitigative glazing / ventilation) are also typically included.


Call us at 01769 579642 or email us at to learn more about how our noise survey and noise impact assessment services can benefit your project or development in Taunton.

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