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Sound Insulation Testing Okehampton

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Are you in need of a sound insulation test in Okehampton? Look no further than Parker Acoustics Ltd.


We specialise in conducting sound insulation tests that determine the resistance to sound passing through separating walls or floors between dwellings.

To minimise the transfer of noise between adjacent dwellings and prevent potential domestic noise disturbance, Part E of the Building Regulations (ADE) requires minimum performance standards for airborne and impact sound insulation in new build or converted residential buildings.

Our clients typically include housebuilders, building contractors, residential developers and architects working on various schemes such as hotels, residential houses with multiple occupants, new house builds, residential conversions (e.g. office to apartment conversions) and multi-storey apartment blocks.

After performing the on-site tests, Parker Acoustics Ltd provides sound insulation test reports and certification to all clients. The reports are suitable for submission to third parties such as Building Control.

In the unfortunate event of a test failure, we can assist by the provision of remedial design advice to upgrade a separating wall or floor to ADE requirements. We can also provide the acoustic design review service at the design stage so that all stakeholders can be confident of a test pass prior to completion.

We are proud members of the Sound Insulation Testing and Measurement Association (SITMA) and our test engineers are full members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA).

If you need sound insulation tests in or around Okehampton, call Parker Acoustics Ltd on 01769 579642 or email to request a quote.

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