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Noise Impact Assessment Newton Abbott

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Are you looking for a noise assessment in Newton Abbott? If so, then look no further than Parker Acoustics Ltd. We are dedicated to client satisfaction by providing:


·       A clear understanding of their project requirements

·       An efficient, amiable professional service

·       Clear, concise reporting / documentation


We assist projects of any shape or size due to extensive experience gained working for various independent and multi-disciplinary acoustic consultancy practices across the UK for over 17 years. Our consultants have delivered acoustic and noise consultancy services to projects in sectors such as:


·       Transportation

·       Residential Planning and Development

·       Commercial and Retail

·       Manufacturing

·       Leisure and Entertainment

·       Education

·       Energy and Utility

·       Waste Management


A noise impact assessment will evaluate the level of noise generated by (or affecting) your site, property or proposal.


For example, if your business generates noise that could adversely affect neighbouring residents, there is a risk of disturbance and potential complaints; therefore, a mitigation strategy would be required. In such circumstances, our consultants will work with you to devise viable solutions to effectively mitigate noise from your site. In another example, if you are a housing developer or housebuilder and have a land parcel / building adjacent to an existing noise source (e.g. transportation route, industrial / commercial unit or entertainment venue), an appropriate configuration of glazing and ventilation will be required in order to protect amenity for future residents – we can assist with this. 

Parker Acoustics Ltd. works closely with our clients to ensure their project requirements are satisfied. Call us on 01769 579642 or email us at to request a free price quote for our noise impact assessment services in Newton Abbott.

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