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Noise Survey Bude

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Do you need an acoustic consultant to measure and assess noise for your planned project in Bude? Look no further than Parker Acoustics Ltd as we specialise in conducting comprehensive noise surveys and assessments for planned commercial, residential and industrial development projects throughout the country.


We can measure the level of existing environmental noise affecting your property / development and provide our recommendations on how to reduce it. Conversely, if you operate a site with known noise issues, we can help you understand the level of noise generated by your operation and the degree of impact to others within the local area. If your site is yet to commence operation, we can predict the level of noise generation to help you better prepare beforehand.


Our consultants can assist with projects in the following sectors:


·       Education

·       Residential Planning & Development

·       Energy & Utility

·       Transportation

·       Commercial & Retail

·       Waste Management

·       Manufacturing


It may be the case that your scheme will require acoustic fencing or barriers to reduce noise impact (whether that’s noise emanating from your construction machinery / equipment or whether that’s excessive noise affecting your site from local transportation routes). Our consultants will give you the best recommendations to control noise egress and ingress.


Our consultants has been assisting clients for over 17 years across the UK. We use Type 1 sound measurement instrumentation calibrated in a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratory to ensure measurements are as accurate as possible.


Call us at 01769 579642 or email us at to request a free consultation with our professional team of noise consultants and surveyors in Bude.

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